Broker Benefits


Saving you time and money!

 As an active member of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, I can use my E-Key to open up MLS keyboxes to enter the homes that I am inspecting and start on the inspections in situations where the brokers are not available to open the doors for me.

This will free up more time for brokers and buyers to do other more important tasks instead of having to sit and wait in the house for 3 to 4 hours while I am performing my inspection.

​​​When I am finished with my inspection, all of the interested parties can then meet with me in the home to discuss all of my observations. This process should only take approximately one hour to complete.

Another benefit is that I am able to better serve my clients as I am able to perform a much more thorough inspection of the home because of fewer distractions.
This is an optional convienience as I understand that some brokers and buyers wish to present for the entire inspection.

All that is required to be compliant is permission from the listing agent and the seller for me to use my key to enter.

I understand how busy brokers are in todays real estate market so I hope you find this service beneficial.

I look forward to assisting you and your clients.