Inspected Components

Attics & Insulation

Attics are checked for leaks from the roofing material, moisture and mildew,   proper Insulation and ventilation, proper venting systems from living spaces and electrical wiring.

Exteriors & Roofing

The roof is inspected by walking or using a drone, checking for roofing material wear, flashing, vents and gutters. Chimneys are also inspected . The exterior is checked for moisture and wood rot. The perimeter is checked for proper drainage. 

Basements, Crawslpaces & Foundations

Foundations are checked for cracks and settling, Crawlspaces and basements are checked for moisture, venting and vermin. Flooring structures are inspected for moisture, wood rot, pier supports, sagging and insulation.

Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling systems are inspected for normal operations with standard controls. Furnace filters and interior mechanics are visually inspected.

HVAC system are inspected for wear and normal operations. Heating registers are inspected for even heating temperatures.

Plumbing & Electrical

All switches and receptacles are inspected for proper grounding. The electrical service entrance and service distribution panels are inspected for abnormalities.

Plumbing systems are inspected for leaks and proper water pressure and volume throughout the structure. 

Interior, Doors and Windows

All doors, cabinets, drawers and windows are inspected for normal operation. 

Interior walls, floors and ceilings are inspected for cracks and abnormalities.

Thermal Imaging

Using Infrared Cameras


 Thermal imagers or infrared cameras, are highly sophisticated sensing devices that provide a visual representation of the infrared energy emitted by objects. Since more infrared energy is emitted from higher temperature objects, these wavelengths of light not visible to the human eye, can been seen by these thermal imaging devices which are then  able to see heat and how its distributed, making them an extremely valuable diagnostic tool.      
Present Camera used:  FLIR E8 
Higher temperatures appears as a lighter colors, while cooler temperatures such as water appear as darker colors in the camera. 

Which gives us the ability to detect:
1. Area of insufficient insulation resulting in heat loss or the homes ability to keep heat or cold out.

2. Over heated electrical connections and circuit breakers.
3. Area of moisture located through temperature variations 

Over-heated circuit breakers


Helping to detect problems before disaster strikes.

Lack of Insulation


Save $$$$ by detecting energy loss from improper insulation.

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